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Rodgrr 01-20-2018 11:49 AM

Known MP locations
I'm putting together my MP campaign. It will be set in LA (Lower Alabama) and will center on a Recon team. It will have a 89 end of the world, as god intended. I'll bring them back about 150 years later, and I'm trying to put together a map of the MP bases and teams that Timeline has given us. I have to admit, I'll be thieving a bit from some of you for other places to fill it out, but mostly this is to make sure I don't drop a regional supply base on top of an existing agricultural base (like the one in fall back). I want to be able to use the modules later if it seems a fit. My players have run the pathfinder games we've played with a very "go see it all" mentality, so I'm trying to prep early. Is there a list somewhere?

Gelrir 01-20-2018 08:43 PM

Let's see:
  • R-001: Liberation at Riverton: all caches near the bolt hole.
  • R-002: Damocles: all caches near the bolt hole in Upper Michigan
  • R-003: Operation Lucifer: bolt hole in Wisconsin; caches in WI, MI, IL, and MN.
  • R-004: Ruins of Chicago: bolt hole at Chicago; caches all are in and near Chicago.
  • R-005: The Starnaman Incident: bolt hole near Starnaman, in western Kentucky; one cache at Starnaman. MARS team bolthole also nearby, along with Delta Base (the robo-supply-depot).
  • R-006: Operation Lonestar: bolthole 200 miles (not kilometers) off the TX coast; caches all in Texas, at Freeport, Lake Jackson, Bay City, Wharton, Pasadena, Liberty.
  • R-007: Desert Search: bolthole in Nevada; six caches -- 3 in Nevada, 2 in Arizona, 1 in Utah. Also the "Power Station" in the Nevada desert.
  • R-008: Prime Base: near the Black Rock Desert, in Nevada.
  • R-009: Bullets and Bluegrass: bolthole in Kentucky; 6 caches along "tributaries of the Ohio River", but presumably all within 20 kilometers of the bolthole.
  • R-010: Final Watch: a bunch of teams, two bases, and at least six caches, all in Washington state between Tacoma and Everett.
  • R-011: Fall Back: MARS team bolthole in Virginia; other teams are named, but not located more than generally "southwestern Virginia". 6 caches: 2 in NC, 2 in VA, 1 in TN, 1 in WV. Ag team bolthole in southwest VA, attached to Ag base, six caches: 4 in VA, 2 in NC.

I haven't looked over more than the intro sections of those scenarios.

Good luck!

Michael B.

Rodgrr 01-21-2018 07:42 AM

Excellent. Exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you very much. Were there any considered canon from magazine articles?

Rodgrr 01-21-2018 08:07 AM

In addition, the 4th ed rulebook talks about MP facilities in Oregon, New Mexico, Virginia and Cadalliac Gage in Michigan. Any place else anyone might have input on?

Gelrir 03-28-2018 09:21 PM

In the final edition of the Cadillac-Gage company employee newsletter (1994, during the merger of Cadillac-Gage with Textron), they list some locations:
  • Warren, MI ... apparently the main vehicle manufacturing location prior to 1976; has the HQ, engineering design, marketing, suspension development, R&D centers
  • Costa Mesa, CA .... mainly flight controls for missiles and aircraft; converted to Ex-Cell-O and closed in the early 1970s. I believe the Stoner weapons were built in the same plant (under whatever ownership).
  • a plant in Germany used for modernizing M47 tanks
  • Port Clinton, OH ... Ordnance Test Center, for a while in the 1970s
  • Greenville, OH ... manufacturing controls until about 1981
  • Cocoa, FL ... Combat Vehicle Plant, opened 1976, doubled in size in 1982

Michael B.

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