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General Pain 05-12-2009 06:20 AM

Character Thread - LCR - Razman Alu Alkanov
The latest addition to the MERC-Campaign. Razman Alu Alkanov - a 56 year old smuggler and gun for hire from Ingusjetia (Russia). He has military experience from Ossetia/Ingusjetia conflicts in 1992-1993. He is no special-forces kind of soldier but has a near religious relationship with the AK-47, and he sees M.Kalashnikov as a sign from the gods. He is really dangerous with the AK. He hates Ossetians like the plague and is generally sceptic to other people. He has an alcohol addiction. (like all russians) He is a bit on the obese side,very strong and brutal as possible. He is accused of 4 murders in Georgia, he denies one of them. He has spent time in a russian jail for extremly violent behaviour with handweapons against 3 polish sailors.
He can be tamed if the price is right...in dollars...off course....


Armagan Azizi, Afghansistan, Heroinprodusent/Stammeleder/Krigsherre

Dragbo Kardowsky, Usbekistan, Smugler

Belo Nerezim, Turkmenistan, Smugler

Anlo Nerezim (bror til Belo) Turkmenistan, Kaptein pÃ¥ smuglerbÃ¥ten ”Ana” Kaspiske hav

Kanat Venera, Kazhakstan, Smugler/Visesanger- Utgitt to album ’82 og ’84 folkevisepop

Nikita Titov, Ingusjetia, Major, Ingusjetiske folkehær (’91-’92) nÃ¥ heimvernet

Aleksej Malasjenko, Ingusjetia, Milliardær (nasjonalist, sponset kamphandlingene 91-92)

Alkeseii Egorov, Russland, Russiske hær, ansvarlig for militære overskuddslagre i sør

Denievj ”Danny” Demidov, Russland, Forfalskningsekspert, nattklubbeier

Anna Alexandrov, Russland, Bordellmamma, narkodealer, svindler (eks-kjæreste)

Murat Zjazikov, Ingusjetia, Tidligere KGB-direktør og tidliger President i Igusjetia (vokste opp sammen)

Timur Akijev, Ingusjetia, bestyrer Kalasnikhov-museet i Nazran

Ethan Wortswood, England, bosatt Kenya, Nødhjelpskoordinator (korrupt)

Danni Seppala, Finland, Skytebas (eksplosivekspert) delte celle i Russisk fengsel

Svend Flaueskjold, Danmark, bosatt Kongo, Diamanthandler

Didrik Flauenskjold (bror) Kongo, Misjonær/Menneskesmugler – Kirken af Guds børn

August Zaleski, Polen, Jobber med olje/gass-ledningsprosjekt i Kaukasus (diplomat)

(Extremely good work LCR) - I will translate when I get the time

General Pain 11-18-2009 02:19 AM

...november 2009
1 Attachment(s)
Somewhere in The Ukraine

" The wind wips your face , it's starting to rain...You are sitting in the back of an old Toyota pickup-truck on some deserted and forgotten highway. The temperature is creeping towards zero. The last days have been disturbing to say the least. It all started when those two Polish secret service agents, drugged you and started to transport you towards Poland, little did you know all those years ago that one of the two Polish sailors you had an encounter with ,was a son of a wealthy industrialist. The agents however should have read their dosier about you a tad more closely...The drugs wore out long before Poland , and in the following melee you offed them both. Allmost stripped for money and seeing that your former safehouse is not safe; you now travel alone. For the moment all you have in the world is two silenced makarovs (Polish secret service design) and 4 clips to said weapons, both in shoulder holsters. You also have about 50 euros in cash, a red and green adidas training outfit, Airwalk snickers, and a Nokia cellphone from two years back. Lukily you had one of your old simcards, and incidently a text message from one of your old contacts ; Pedro James Florentino......"

It reads:
" Got work,need help, interested ? "

General Pain 11-18-2009 02:22 AM

Mr. Florentino can advance you some money if you want....

headquarters 11-18-2009 02:42 AM


Originally Posted by General Pain (Post 14772)
Mr. Florentino can advance you some money if you want....

cool write up !

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