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General Pain 12-17-2008 03:28 AM

The WillisCO Situation

Rupert Willies 12-29-2008 04:21 AM

So... how much detail do you want me to get into here? Should we lay it all bare?
I guess the smart guys could start a massive disinformation campaign here, and benefit from that IG. Sanchez.. you dirty SOB, I will expose you!!

Rupert Willies 12-29-2008 12:36 PM

I tried to look up the Panzer Train on the big book of war, but I could find it nowhere. Is it up there, or is it just in my paper files, at Headquarters' headquarters?

General Pain 12-30-2008 03:11 AM


I am afraid that HQ has info on your train. Ask him to copy it at his job....he is just pretending to be a government paid torpedo anyway...hehe

General Pain 12-30-2008 03:20 AM


Originally Posted by Rupert Willies
So... how much detail do you want me to get into here? Should we lay it all bare?
I guess the smart guys could start a massive disinformation campaign here, and benefit from that IG. Sanchez.. you dirty SOB, I will expose you!!

As central/any government has ceased to exist I do not see the possibility for General Sanchez operatives or New Dawn operatives roaming around .....

headquarters 12-30-2008 07:49 AM

keep it like this:
anything you definently know is for HQ only send by regular email -other stuff use the forum .

As for the train - Itought it was all on the site but I will find it and mail it to you .

Rupert Willies 12-30-2008 12:42 PM

Panzer thanks
Thanks a bunch, HQ. I'll try to get started on the Eureka write-up shortly.

headquarters 12-31-2008 12:57 AM

you did get the "willisco base portfolio "?
schematic /table in word format that I sent you some time ago ?

please use as reference for the write up along with the other stuff we have discussed.

Rupert Willies 12-31-2008 01:48 AM

Yes I have the schematics. I'll do my best. Like I told Pain yesterday, these things are not my forte, but I'll give it a try, and beg you for help afterwards.

headquarters 12-31-2008 02:23 AM


EUREKA, July 15th 0800 hrs Temperature : 18 C*

A bleak sun shone down on the potholed exit road .Rusty carwrecks and litter were whipped by the cold wind coming in from the Pacific.A small but heavily armed convoy manouvered its way through the debris making brisk progress.Machinegunners in heavy kevlar armour constantly swept the roadsides with their M2HBs , ready to let rip at the first sign of activity. Rupert Willis ,majority stockholder and CEO of Williscorp sat immersed in his own thoughts in the back of his M3 halftrack armoured vehicle .A squad of stern looking soldiers in their trademark civilian type baseball caps and khakis ,wearing heavy plate carriers with the WillisCorp logo, sat around him -noone speaking a word.They knew better than to disturb the boss when deep in thought .Rumour had it that he had pistolwhipped a corporal who had done so a few years back taking out all his teeth ,before realizing where he was and helping the poor guy to the infirmary.

Many miles out to sea a massive ,grey wall was forming on the horizon -covering its entire rim.An enormous fog bank -born out of the sudden climatic changes after the bombs.It would probably reach the coast within morning.Meaning that noone would be able to se more than 100 feet until it dispersed.The marauders would have all day to continue what ever evil they had planned on doing this night. Willis raised his unblinking eye and stared out towards it - looking through the man who sat opposite him .In the distance a few shots sounded-subdued by distance and muffled by the buildings.Nobody so much as raised and eyebrow.This was everyday and night .Refugees would stream in to the Eureka area looking to get to the still running hospital there ,or looking for some semblance of goverment .Lately someone had been spreading rumours -even flyers- that there was food and water for everyone in Eureka. That it was good there. Out in the distance a few more shots .A high pitched womans scream.It couldnt be that far Willis mused.After all ,the din from the halftrack rumbled out most everything else.

He raised his palm and said quietly "halt." Instantly the guys sprang up weapons at the ready over the armoured plated sides .The driver getting instructions from the gunner over his headset halting the clanking halftrack at the side of the worn out road .The trucks pulling up behind them ,soldiers piling out and setting up a perimeter.

Yep.Someone were deliberately drawing refugees in .And when they reached Eureka- some exhausted or without supplies form the ardous travelling- the marauders would pounce.
Mostly the hit at night rushing camps of sleeping people ,clubbing people to death or shooting indiscriminately to make everyone run .The possessions left behind were quickly picked through by torch or flashlight.Or sometimes they would want someone alive -usually a woman- and ambush a column of staggering people .They rarely went for anyone showing he could give it back to them.Making a living from robbing people meant that picking a target that cant fight was a good tactic.But as of late bands of marauders had joined forces .A large gang had attacked several of the local farms in pitched battles.One sided battles as the marauders were ten times as many ,but still an actual fight .Willis stood and popped the lid of the small plastic pillbottle he had in his vest.He shook a few into his mouth and chased them down with a sip from his canteen.Damn shoulder acting up again .

By the side of the road a trail of strewn possessions marked the path of flight for the refugees they had heard attacked earlier.A couple of bedrolls,then a wool overcoat,tattered and worn. A few meters on, a paperwrapped meal of sorts trampled into the dust .next to it a couple of shell casings and the sprawled body of a man on his back.Someone had fought back to give the others time to get away.Two dark ,red spots on the front of his dirty shirt where the exit wounds had ripped open his chest. he looked starved and his skin pale and grey -like he had been dead for some time already ,not gunned down moments ago.Willis jumped down and adjusted the strap of his M4. 6 pos stock in his shoulder he tried quickly raising it for a shot .Satisfied that he was ready he raised a fist and made a circular movement in the air.A 5 man patrol filed in behind him ,stocks in shoulder like him ,already scanning their sectors even if still inside their perimeter.

"Move out.We got ourselves some assholes to deal with"

The patrol moved out following the tracks that disappeared into the debris that had been a once affluent Eureka neighborhood.

headquarters 02-13-2009 02:25 AM

Eureka Update Gametime July 28 2019

JULY 28 2018 0920hrs


Willis raised the binoculars and scanned the Humboldt Bay inlet .From his position in the control tower at the airport he had a good view of the operation.Out to sea a small fleet of trawlers,coastal cargo ships and near derelict warships were launching numerous small craft laden with troops .meanwhile in the inlet ,a gunboat had taken up position and established contact with his team on the shore .Two platoons of LVT-7 s amphibious assault vehicles were labourously proceeding to the shoreline on the east sid eof the bay .Smoke was belching black from their exhaust . A UH-60 flapped by overhead ,door gunner swinging his 40MM GL ,searching for targets . Willis`radio crackled - it too old and worn out.The AN-PRC 77 weezed out a message that was taken down in writing by the corporal manning it .

"Team Alpha reports BOEING sir! "

The code for airport secure .Far away , in the downtown area ,a skirmish was on .Shots rang out in the background of the radio message as the TEAM BRAVO commander made his report .There were difficulties, but progress was being made .Code HAMBURGER could not be confiremd as of yet .The important intersections were not secure .

Willis had initiated his biggest operation to date to welcome the allied troops home .He wasnt going to let some smug MilGov commander say that the USMC had cleared out the town without help .WillisCo personell were taking part of the waterfront, part of the downtown area and the airport -as well as several key road junctions outside the town .

Willis looked out again.At the landing point a small building was burning .One of the gunners was peppering it with .50 cal tracers and MP rounds.The black smoke rose in a thin scarf from wher ethe flames leapt through the dilapidated roof towards the bleak sky .Moments later the report of light resistance came in over the radio. To be expected .Not all of the people down there were citizens .Some had forfeited that right by taking for the few by force of arms what all had need for .

One of the LVT-7s had been stuck at the landing point -or had a breakdown of some sort.It stood still ,slightly tilted on the side .A squad of marines were crawling around it -setting up their perimeter .The others behemoths trudged slowly along ,gunners covering their advance with their .50 cals. An American flag swaying from the 10 foot radio antenna of the lead vehicle .It looked tattered too. "So this is what the proud USMC has come too " Willis thought to himself ."A few platoons with used up gear ".The scenes outside strangely reminiscent of the tv pictures of his youth were third world countries were relieved by the USMC.The abundance of materiel and manpower and the selfassured PR-officers were nowhere to be seen now though .

"Welcome home guys" he muttered .

" I guess liberation is at hand " .

headquarters 02-13-2009 03:03 AM

Eureka Situation
The sudden influx of 2 battalions of trained and well armed soldiery makes a rapid impact on the security situation .

Whitin 2 days a "GREEN ZONE " can be set up . ( Please identify this on google earth and lets discuss this at the FtF ) .

Within the Green Zone a semblance of normality can be instituted .Locals can be hired to work the logistics and chores ,thus creating a small market economy based on MRE exchange rates.

The Green Zone is slowly expanded towards setting up housing for the civilians that will follow the landing force .Patrols secure other enclaves as well ,and there is a sharp drop in marauder attacks within the immideate vicinity of the new combined force .

A few days later ,information meetings can be held with the remaining local populace .Discussions about supplies ,regulations and self defence groups are initiated .

Everything seems to be going according to plan -and new blocks are reclaimed by security forces and work crews for reconstruction every day .
The stars and stripes once again fly from the town hall .

Now and then a supply ship comes in ,delivering more supplies from KODIAK or disembarking refugees .

Meanwhile Willis sit in endless meetings with the MilGov staff discussing any and all problems and matters at hand .

headquarters 02-17-2009 03:13 AM

Council Meetings & Politics
EUREKA September 12th 1600hrs Temperature: 10 C*
Council Chambers:

Willis wearily stood up , supported by a cane and the medical corporal he always had by his side these days .Shakily he walked to the window, the semblance of an old man .The burn scars were still a fiery red on his neck and scalp -but he was assured that they would fade by his doctors.All the talk in the room and the lengthy discussions mad ehis head hurt .he had seen the looks of horror in the eyes of the other councilmembers as a little blood had seeped through his bandages.It was time to go .The endless logistical calculations and the discussions that more often than not turned into a bickering that was without end tired him more rapidly these days .Even if he was only days out of the bedrest ordered due to his horrible wounds ,he still missed active duty .His scars ached .

Sighing he excused himself and retired .Whatever they came up with regarding the lack of plumbers and adequate piping for the sanitation problems could wait until tomorrow for him . But they had put the question to him though .Just by asking they gave hime more power than he thought he had .It was clear : the council were asking him to relinquish some of his control over the town .He chuckled .To get away from the drone of the boring and nasal voice of a few of the peopl ein ther ehe would once have been prepared to pay a lot more than what they asked .

"We will see" he muttered .
Willis reached for the pillbox , dropping two into his palm and swallowing them fast with a sip of water .The second time today he had gone aginst his doctors recomendations .The faint numbing buzz of the painkillers did feel just right though .

After a long stint in the burnward ,Rupert Willis slowly starts his old routines again .In the weeks he has been absent and in rehabilitation there has been a lot of progress in the council work .

The Council is now trying to organize a nationalization of the available resources for the good of all and asks those with property and assets to consider turning these over to council led agencies such as "SupplyOffice" and the newly formed "California Volunteer Militia" .It is still just 3 guys in an office drawing up plans and discussing matters .

As the most important or at least one of the very important people in th etown , you are asked your opinions .

The nationalization of the goods,materiel and property will be the first step towards creating a functioning democratic self governing community .

The council stresses that cooperation is essential ,and impose no restrictions on you that you do not willingly accept .

General Pain 02-17-2009 05:51 AM

Excellent news Willies
The Praetorian Guard has discovered an abandoned oil well close to Eureka. It has been closed long before the twilight war because of not beeing profitable. General Pain offers this info as a gesture of good will for the continuing security of Eureka and it's citizens.

Apart from this an Iron ore abandoned since 2004 has also been discovered.

As a side note; plans to make more alge-vats (non-soylent-green) have started with local engineers and farmers. GP insists that 10 or more of these should be made, apart from this a steady flow of recruits to a lumberjack-platoon/battalion should be the solution to the upcoming freeeeesing winter.

The hidden Doppler-radar station should be dismantled and moved to eureka; also discovered by the praetorian guard.

Trust,unity,freedom,security and peace along a military noone dears attack are the Generals plans

Also: Since our situation is as dire as it is a law/punishment system with strict rules should be set up; I suggest forced labouor for lawbreaking as we have fortifications,buidlings,repairs etc to do/fix/build.


(Wolf-company recruitment poster)

Rupert Willies 02-17-2009 12:30 PM

I thank the general for his commitment to the prosperity of our beloved Eureka. The oil will surely benefit us all, if we can only find a way to get the old well active again. There are several known oil and gas finds close to Eureka, and we need to get a crew together that can fix the old equipment, make new what is unfixable, and start production up as soon as possible.

As for the councils wishes for nationalisation - WilliesCo does not own much in or around Eureka that I can not willingly part with. The food however, has been safe with me up until now, and that's how it will remain. I have no problem whatsoever giving it all away, not just all at once.

headquarters 02-17-2009 12:36 PM

Council business
After a short debate on the rations the council members wonders how you feel about a joint military hierarchy ?

They wish to incorporate as many factions under one command as possible.

headquarters 02-17-2009 01:01 PM

Eureka sept.15th Temperature: + 9 C* Gas Power Plant
While attending endless meetings ,Willis comes into contact with a clerk during a break .The two men discuss the situation in plain terms ,and Willis is shocked to hear that the clerk might hold the key to resolve the difficulties the town is in .

The clerk mentions in by-sentence that his brother used to work in the Rancho Seco powerplant in Sacramento .

Astounded Willis grabs the guy and launches a full investigation to clear all the facts up .

The mans brother worked on the gas power plant project in the Rancho Seco plant in 2003-2005 .The plant was going to go online in 2006 ,but was never finished due to teotwawki .(Aka shtf). It was supposed to consist of several units such as the one in Eureka for a total of 500 Mw Hrs .The same model turbines.From the same company.That was all ended by the attacks and the subsequent disorder.

The plant was nevertheless brought nigh on completion and valuable parts etc might be found on the site ,as well as documentation etc .
This might very well mean that the missing turbine parts as well as the control gear mechanism might be there or in the area.

Knowing well that the mission will recieve the highest priority in the council ,and that whoever pulls it of will rack up a major influence bonus -Willis must now decide how to proceed.Many out there would go far to bring this one home .Old allies could turn to enemies over such a prize.

He hurriedly assigns the clerk to another job at his hq and starts preparations for whatever his next move might be .

Fortunately ,NO-ONE knows ANYTHING about this so far but him and the clerk.

This one needs to be handled juuust right .

General Pain 02-19-2009 03:29 AM

regarding recruiting
I get msg from HQ that recruiting is to be allowed by yours truly. In my opinion we should encourage this ,since MILGOV has 2000!!!!! soldiers.....given that they probably are tired etc. we still have time to recruit before it's too late.

we should atleast have 500 soldiers each so any attack from our former enemies would prove a failure.

I am NOT looking for hostility against Milgov but I like the sense of security I get from a well armed personal guard.

headquarters 02-19-2009 03:33 AM

Eureka sept.17th Temperature: + 8 C* More news
Willis pulled his heavy wollen coat tighter around him .As he labouriously made his way from his office to the town hall for todays rounds of discussions .The wounds still ached .Sometimes he would have to slow down to a snail pace due to the skin stretching uncomfortably .It felt like tearing a notepad size bandaid from a wound not fully healed every time he did it .But now his mind raced over the new opportunity that had presented itself to him last night :

During his dinner ,one of his aides had asked for a meeting and he grudgingly allowed it .He wasnt disappointed.The aide came with news from the hospital .One of the patienst there , a severly ill man by the name of Andropopolous had told everyone of his "valuable information" in the faint hope that he would be deemed a valuable asset ,and that more resources and the precious drugs would be spent on saving his life .He had worked the docks of the Port of Oakland for over 30 years ,including 5 under PacGov rule and knew them well. After the events of the last part of the 2nd American Civil War -the summer 2019- he had run away from his post .But he took with him knowledge of the unloaded stacks of containers and bulk cargo silos and warehouses that were there.many of which he and his co workers had left fully loaded with equipment and supplies .He was specifically thinking of a shipment of Japanese wind power generators ordered by PacGov just before the crash .He was sure they were arrived - he had seen the papers himself .But for someone to find them in the thousands of containers you would have to know what to look for .And by now there were probably marauders sifting through that stuff .

Willis was sure of one thing -this was an unexpected and promising opportunity .But with the council in endless debates on housing and sanitation and heated shouting matches over the possible lack of food towards next spring , getting the authorization to draw the resources and manpower would be a pain in the *ss.

But there were other ways- if he could only find a ruthless and tough group of guys that were accustomed to danger and didnt mind bending the rules -til they broke ...Also they would have to be expendable not to put him an akward situation with the rest of the council if anything went wrong ...hmmm..who to contract with for this one...

Rupert Willies 02-19-2009 03:35 AM

I think we need to put together a common task force for this mission (the Sacramento mission). Maybe this could be a nice way for the general and DeCorba (and the rest of us) to up their popularity with the council?
We need to do this collectively, I think, because I cannot afford to lose control over the food storage while I'm away. I need most of my soldiers at home, but I can spare at least some equipment for a mission like this.

Rupert Willies 02-19-2009 03:38 AM

They have 2000 soldiers, but also the same amount of cicilians in the city. Not to worry. We can each have at least 500 soldiers, but they should all be intermixed with the rest. If you want to have a private army, you'll have to keep it elsewhere. Within Eureka, there will be only one army; the army of the people of Eureka.


Originally Posted by General Pain
I get msg from HQ that recruiting is to be allowed by yours truly. In my opinion we should encourage this ,since MILGOV has 2000!!!!! soldiers.....given that they probably are tired etc. we still have time to recruit before it's too late.

we should atleast have 500 soldiers each so any attack from our former enemies would prove a failure.

I am NOT looking for hostility against Milgov but I like the sense of security I get from a well armed personal guard.

Rupert Willies 02-19-2009 03:43 AM

Regarding the "resourceful man":
I have 400 japanese mercenaries. I guess they will not be missed if I use them to try and secure the wind power generators.

An other crazy thought would be to contact... hmmm I'll PM this one.

General Pain 02-25-2009 04:48 AM

Willis' Castle of mischief and war-profitting ?
bilde er selvsagt fra Eureka - men bør kanskje twilightifies...


headquarters 02-26-2009 05:11 AM

Humboldt Bay Power Plant
Since you have state dan interest in the subject of power generation ,there are more options presenting themselves.

This link is about the powerplant in question .


I would like to stress that none of the 3 component powerplants are operational in game time actual .

The "Fossil fuel Units" -presumably coal /petro burning steam turbines have been shut down due to lack of spareparts and repairs. There has also been a fire in the machinery causing a lot of damage.Specific parts and experst are required to get this going again .

the mobile gas units are shut down due to a lack of spare parts and technical expertise.This relates to the gas pumping station by the gas wells , the reduction gears at the units themselves and the control unit for the ga sturbines .Specific parts and said expertise is needed to get these going .They seem to have sustained a little damage from neglect ,but repairs will probably have them running again .

The nuclear plant was put in SAFSTOR mode in 1985 with a projected viability of 30 years .Due to the events of 2005 and onwards ,nothing has been done since the twilight fell. ( 34 years ago) .This means that the plant is on hiatus .The 250ft smokestack has been removed .Also there is no unspent fuel at the facility (uranium rods) .Lastly ,the running of the plant requires technical expertise that you do not as of yet have .(I will allow for you to make a roll on winging it though ;) )

There you have it !A lot of possible power sources in one place ,but how to get the stuf fto make them work -and who to trust with the job ? Whoever controls this will more than likely run the town in the years to come....Imagine the price you get extort from a whole town if you had the last spare parts to their only hope for electricity -in the world....

headquarters 03-02-2009 07:01 AM

Streamlining The Operation

Rupert Willis groaned as the doctor removed another jagged piece of shrapnel from his neck .The last weeks one or two metal pieces had worked their way out of his wounds every now and then .Some microscopic fragments -others that made quite the plink in the steel bucket when the doctor finally dropped them in ther eafter using his tweezers to yank them out .

"This one was a hard one " the doctor said .The plinking metal sound in the stainless stell bucket was loud and clear .removing it had hurt like hell.

He peered over to see into the bucket .The metal object ,bloddy and jagged was lying among drops of dark red blood at the bottom.A familiar shape somehow.Then he realized -it was the top part of the armin lever on the PacGov frag grenades they used.who in the F**ck had used them around him lately ?

Then it struck him .That bloody Irish lout had tossed two of them behind him self and almost on top of him when he had tried to run away - or so he had gathered from the debrief.He had been stabbed repeatedly in the head at the time and details were hazy .But he could just see the lumbering shape of the Irishman runing away from him , frags dropping and bouncing on the floor behind him -where he himself had lain fighting for his life .

"Ooops!A little agitated , Sir? " The doctor got franticallly busy pushing gauze swabs into the open wound underthe stitches -the veins had started pumping harder and blood was squirting out .

Willis didnt answer.He popped the lid of his pillbox and downed two.His eyes shot dreadful ,threathening looks at the clerk at the end of the room .

Unable to comprehend why he was being targeted by the boss` anger ,the clerk pretended to work hard at his notes.

Willis gasped in pain as the bandages were being pulled taut again .Someone would pay for this .


Rupert Willies 03-06-2009 02:59 AM

The WilliesCo Situation thread can be unstickyed.

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