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natehale1971 06-23-2009 09:52 PM

Post-Twilight War China...
In 2300AD they had China spilting into three Successor States; Manchuria to the North, Canton to the South and 'China' in the middle.

I was doing some searching on Manchuria for my 2300AD campaign notes so i could find the name of the Imperial Family.

In my campaign the Manchurian official name is Imperial Republic of Manchuria. Basicly it's a Federal Republic with a Constitutional Monarch. :) i hope this helps you guys as much as it's helped me..

Jīn YùzhÃ*ng (Chinese 金毓嶂, born 1942) is a descendant of the Qīng Dynasty (1644-1912), the Imperial Family of the Aisin-Gioro clan. He is the eldest grandson of Zaifeng, 2nd Prince Chun, and the eldest son of Jin Youzhi, formerly Pǔrèn. Hypothetically Jin would eventually become the Emperor of Manchukuo in the male line, but not of China, since Imperial tradition prescribed that a childless Emperor should choose his heir from the next generation of the family, not from his own generation, and Puyi allegedly appointed his cousin Prince Yuyan as heir of the dynasty in 1950.

However this tradition was superseded by legislation which states that the imperial line (as opposed to a supposed Manchukuo line) succeeds down the male line. Furthermore, Puyi's autobiography indicates only that he proposed to adopt Yùyán and that the proposal was made under duress while imprisoned in the Soviet Gulag.[1] Jin has repudiated his claims to the throne,[2] which would therefore pass to another male relative after the Law Governing Succession to the Imperial Throne of March 1, 1937.

Jin attended Beijing Geological University and was sent to be a geological worker in Qīnghǎi province. He later became technician at the Beijing Chongwen District Environment Protection Bureau. Since 1999 he has served as the only non-CPC Deputy Governor of Chongwen district, and holds the position of Deputy Director of the Beijing Ethnic Affairs Committee. He has a daughter (born 1976?), a computer graduate and employed at China Electronics Company Limited.

Jin Yuzhang's brother is Dr. Jin Yuquan, vice president of the Energy and Environment Protection College of the Běijīng University of Industries.


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