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natehale1971 08-06-2009 02:27 PM

Varangian Petrochemical Consortium
Varangian Petrochemical Consortium is a MAJOR corporation in my 2300ad universe...

Varangian Petrochemical Consortium (Russian: local name, Ukrainian: local name)
Headquarters: The Free City of Volgograd (Union of Sovereign Northern Republics & Cossack Commonwealth of Ukraine-Transcaucuss)

Regional Offices: d
Moscow, Union of Sovereign Northern Republics, Terra (Sol System): d
Keiv, Cossack Commonwealth of Ukraine-Transcaucuss, Terra (Sol System): d
<city>, <country>, Venus (Sol System): d
<city>, <country>, <planet> (system): d
<city>, <country>, <planet> (system): d
<city>, <country>, <planet> (system): d
<city>, <country>, <planet> (system): d
<city>, <country>, <planet> (system): d

Employees: d
Total: D
Troops: d
Covert Operations: d

Name and Location of Major Shareholders:
Romanov Family Investments; St. Petersburg, Russia (20%): The Romanov Family Investments represent the Imperial Family of Russia whom also is the constitutional monarchs of the Union of Sovereign Northern Republics.
Bauil Family Investments; location (20%): Bauil Family Investments represent the prosperous and politically influential Bauil family of Ukraine-Transcaucuss, whom have a long history of service and support for the Ukraine government. The Bauil family is almost considered to be the nobility of Ukraine.
Name; location (00%): d
Name; location (00%): d
Name; location (00%): d
Union of Sovereign Northern Republics Investments; location (5%): d
Cossack Commonwealth of Ukarine-Transcaucuss Investments; location (5%): d

The Board of Directors:
Chairman of the Board: d
D: d





Main Products and Intent:


Current Marketing Strategy and Public Relations:


Public Relations: d

Lobbying: d

General Products: f

Uniforms, Equipment and Personnel:

The Varangian Petrochemical Consortium

Executives: d
Security Guards: d

Military Defense Forces: d
Soldiers: d
Naval Personnel: d

Vehicles, Weapons and Equipment: d


Key Offices and Facilities: d


Resources, Stock and Subsidiaries: d


Key Corporate Personnel: d

d: d
d: d
d: d
d: d
d: d
d: d
d Romanov: Princess <> Romanov holds the seat on the board of directors that allows for better representation of the Romanov Family Investments.
d <>: <> holds the seat on the board of directors that allows for better representation of the <> Family Investments.

The Military Forces: Corporations are limited to a small Ground Force, Maritime Naval Force, Spacebourne Naval Force that is dedicated to defensive operations.

Ground Force: Personnel are defensive troops, some are mercenary troopers capable of carrying out extensive long term operations, while others are just glorified security guards.

Maritime Naval Force: Personnel are also part of the Corporate Maritime Merchant Marine assets.

Spacebourne Naval Force: Personnel are also part of the Corporate Spacebourne Merchant Marine assets.

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