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Matt W 09-12-2019 04:52 PM

"The Second Sleep" a new novel by Robert Harris
I recommend this as a source of Morrow Project inspiration

Well...strictly speaking it would be the Atlantic Project, since this is set in the UK.


“late on the afternoon of Tuesday the ninth of April in the Year of our Risen Lord 1468”. A young cleric, Christopher Fairfax, is making his way resentfully to a remote corner of Wessex on the orders of his bishop to officiate at the burial of a village priest.

It's an interesting post-apocalyptic novel. At first, it seems to be a murder/mystery set in the 15th century (but the anachronisms quickly creep in). I suspect it would be a very useful source of ideas for anyone running a scenario that involves a powerful Church that doesn't like "science" and it has some very useful descriptions of a village that survives with a tech level that varies from 16th to early 19th century technology

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