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helbent4 12-02-2017 03:11 AM

Welcome to the Morrow Project

This is Timeline's official forum regarding the Morrow Project.

Primarily, this forum is to facilitate communications between players, PDs (Project Directors, aka GMs) and Timeline regarding rules questions, errata, comments and feedback about The Morrow Project (TMP). This will be a place where you can ask and get answers to rules questions and find official errata.

TMP enjoys a long and creative lineage for a RPG. The current edition of TMP is 4th edition. Much time and effort went into writing and playtesting a realistic and detailed RPG with a core system based firmly on 3rd edition TMP concepts and rules. While much was updated in terms of rules and background, much still remains the same and 4th edition's lineage is very noticeable in this regard.

Under new and much more active management, Timeline began supporting 3rd edition. They released a long-awaited 4th edition update to the rules and background, an undertaking that has begun to revitalise and develop TMP for the present and future. Timeline's efforts will naturally be focused towards support the 4th (and hopefully later) versions of TMP. And these rules are so powerful and flexible that they can easily also support and encompass TMP games based on the 3rd edition background ("classic TMP") or the many, many other TMP games lovingly custom-built by numerous PDs throughout the life of the game.

That said with such an undertaking, in the 4th edition rule book there are occasional ambiguities, language that needs clarifying and rules that do not work well or do not seem intuitive. Outright errors are rare and if they exist are of the highest priority to Timeline in identifying and correcting.

There are few guidelines for this forum other than the purpose is primarily intended to discuss rules and errata related to Timeline's 4th edition of TMP. But questions about classic TMP games (of which I run one, using 4th edition rules and 3rd edition background) is not off the table! To better prioritise responses questions directed towards the 4th edition rules, please consider putting something like [4th ed.] in the subject line.

Thank you, and welcome to the Morrow Project!


Chris Garland 12-21-2017 09:43 AM

Thank You Tony
Thank You!

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