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natehale1971 07-02-2009 03:42 AM

Escape form Kalisz I: Rendezvous in Krakow game thread
Escape from Kaliz I: Rendezvous in Krakow Game Thread

0545 18 July 2005:

The Radios cracked to life as the division commander broadcast on an open clear channel... "Good luck. You're on your own, now."

The men and women of the subordinate units of the US 5th (mechanized) Infantry Divison sat in stunned silence as they could hear the sounds of gunfire as the Division Headquarters was being over run by the Soviets. Nothing like this had happened in almost fifty years, and that was when the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army combined with the North Korean arm steam rolled over the UN coalition troops during the Korean War. The world as they knew it had ended almost two years ago with the nuclear exchanges that for the most part had blasted the world's high tech super powers back to the stoneage.

Even in a world where your own homeland was not just hurting, but hemeroaging blood by the gallon... There was still a war to be fought. Thus was the last NATO offensive against the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies in central Poland in an attempt to force the Soviets to withdraw out of Eastern Europe and allow the surviving peoples to chose their own path in the post-war future.

Or at least that was what the generals and government officials where telling themselves.

Now the 3rd-6th Infantry Regiment (mechanized) was trying to break out of the rapidly growing encirclement manuvere by the Soviet Red Army forces that had launched their own offensive at the same time that the Third German Army had launched the Summer Offensive. These two forces slammed into each other like two bull rams starting their duel to prove their superiority to be allowed to mate!

But now everything had turned into a total clusterfuck... Neither side could really control the chaos that had spread after the initial engagements. It was inside this chaos that LTC Willis (the 3rd-6th Infantry Battalion Commander) had ordered Dog Company to provide rear guard cover as the battalion had absorbed as much of the divisional support units to make the despirate push to get back to NATO lines at the pre-War East German-Polish boarder on the Oder-Neisse line!

The Fourth Platoon of Dog Company had found itself cut off, and seperated from the rest of the Battalion. They where now deep behind the Soviet lines when the "You are on your own" message had came through the communciations network. The Battalion and Company Commanders had issued an opitonal order for the platoon... To remain behind Soviet Lines causing as much chaos as possible to allow as many elements of the 5th Infantry Division to make it back to NATO lines, and if they accepted that order LTC <> gave his word that they would be extracted by heloicopter as soon as they reached allied lines.

1LT <surname> had issued orders the men and women of the Fourth Platoon to regroup at the bank of the <> River, near the remains of an ancient stone bridge that had apparently been destroyed during the fighting at some earlier point in the war. And futher to the southeast was a 'ghost town' that the Armored Cavalry Regiment had reported sat as empty as the day in 2003 when every living soul had been killed by chemical weapons that had been used by one of the two sides of the war... The reports from the men and women who scouted the town reported how erie it was to travel through a silent streets that where still frozen in time.

They had reported that the locals refused to go near the town. They where all afraid that the chemical weapons that had been used to kill everyone, was still viable and just as deadly as ever. The ACR scouts reported that it was an untapped treasure trove of all kinds of goods that would be perfect to provide not only needed supplies, but of all kinds of luxury goods.

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