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Brother in Arms 11-14-2011 08:57 PM

OT: My New short story
Hey everyone I am still working on more installments in the colabrative story that bighauser started. Alone

But I have begun my own story that I would like to write on my own. So I hope you enjoy it I will begin the first installment tonight.

Brother in Arms

Brother in Arms 11-15-2011 06:53 PM

Hey everyone
looks like a few people have been reading my untitled story I went back and re read and I am sorry that the grammar and spelling suck. I write these stories in the wee hours of the morning and long after I should be in bed. I am not very good at technical writing as it is. I will be editing them so they become more readable...I hope you like what I have so far but please any feedback is welcome...please correct me if my locations are blown up ect. I just have had a story brewing inside me forever and I needed to get it out...locations ect...can be corrected later..but it must be set in the balkans. What do you think so far??? I just edited it. I hope that breaking it up into paragraphs made it easier to read again I appologize.

Brother in Arms

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