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kato13 01-22-2010 12:25 AM

Forum Archives
Upon discovering that Archive.org had a percentage of threads from our old home (rpghost.com) i decided to try to pull as much as information as possible to place it here where I am sure it will be saved. I am a little disappointed in the final number (about 400), but given that adds fully a third to our current archive I consider it a success.

I may add other archives (Antenna's for example) as I have time.

This data will now be searchable along with our currently active forum.

I have a few requests from my users.

1) If you find a thread which you think is interesting, post a comment or just "bump" (Bring up my post). This will allow me me to move the post to the main forum, where it will get more exposure.

2) If you think a thread is just clutter, I also ask you to bump it with a note of "dead link" or such. Threads with a single post which is only a dead link would be an example of "clutter". I already removed like 40 of these but a few might have escaped my pruning.

Thanks. Hope you guys find something useful.

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