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natehale1971 09-11-2009 05:21 AM

Misc. Game Notes and OCC discussion

I am thinking of using GI Joe as a bit of inspiration for this game... While the use of GI Joe won't be used for the game, i do love some of the images and logos from the universe... Espeically the new Team Logo...

Besides... some of the villians from the GI Joe universe just make to damn good imagry to just pass up...

The Baroness (Anastasia Cisatovna aka Anastasia DeCobray)

Real Name: Anastasia Cisatovna 'Anna' Freiherrin von Stromberg
Alias: "Anastasia Cisatovna, <profession>" (); "Anastasia DeCobray, <profession>" (); "<name> '<nickname>' <surname>, <profession>" ();

Occupation: Weapons Manufacturer
Place of Birth: Callander, Scotland, United Kingdom of Great Britian & Northern Ireland
Affilitation: MARS (Military Armanment Research Systems) Industries, Iron Grenadiers

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