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Originally Posted by raketenjagdpanzer View Post
I'm almost certain that in canon Twilight:2000 there were hits close enough to Lima to render it a moot point.

Maybe someone would be good enough to do us a T2k strike map based on megatonnage listed in various sources? Then a little overlay of fallout footprints?

Also is the map accounting for ground versus air?
I have dug into all of these maps and the calculations have always been for airbursts.

Here is what I have for Lima.

  • Average wind for November is almost straight east
  • Blast is centered on the city if someone wants to give me the coordinates of the refinery I can adjust the center point
  • The marker with "A" marks the location of the Tank Plant according to google.

My notes show the refinery being here. If this is true and the Nuke was targeted here the Lima Plant would have been untouched. Can someone double check this.

Edit 2. Cdnwolf has helped me track down where the refinery is and it looks like if it is targeted the plant is toast.

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