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PURPOSE: To carry ambulatory and litter patients.

Nomenclature: TRUCK, AMBULANCE:
Front Line, 1/4-Ton, 4x4, W/E
Model Number: M718
Crew Personnel: 5 Total -2 Man Crew, 3-Litter Patients
NSN: 2310-00-782-6056
LIN: X38639
SSN: D151010
TM: 9-2310-218-Series

Horsepower: Pre-emission -71 bhp @
4,000 rpm; Emission -65 bhp @ 4,000 rpm
Transmission: Manual; 4 Fwd, 1 Rev
Electrical System: 24 Volt
Tires: 7:00 x 16, 4-ply (6 ply rating)
Brakes: Hydraulic
Blackout Lights: Yes

W/Kit: 60 in
WO/Kit: 21 in
Approach Angle: 67 Degrees

Type Classification & Date: Std B, 1971
Replaced By: M718A1
Life Expectancy: 12 Years
Payload: 900 lb (Including Crew)
Towed Load Allowance: None Authorized (Pintle Hook for Retrieving Vehicle Only)
Air Transportability: Phase 1

Kits: 100 Amp Alternator, Deep Water
Winch: No

Curb Weight, Fully Equipped Less Payload and Crew
Front Axle -1,370 lb
Rear Axle -1,380 lb
Total -2,750 lb
Gross Weight, Fully Equipped With Payload and Crew:
Front Axle -1,820 lb
Rear Axle -1,830 lb
Total -3,650 lb
Cube: 455 cu ft (Reduceable to 285 cu ft)
Minimum Ground Clearance: Rear Axle
10.9 in*, Under Chassis 9.0 in* *
*At Combat Loaded Weight

M-718 1/4 Ton Ambulance

The Truck, Ambulance, Frontline, 1/4 ton, 4x4 M718 and M718A1 is the ambulance variant of the M-151 jeep. Produced starting in 1966 for the U.S. military by AM General in models M718 (NSN 2310-00-782-6056) and M718A1 (NSN 2310-00-177-9256). The M718 is based on the M-151 or M-151A1 while the M718A1 is based on the M151A2.

To accommodate patients seated or in litters, the M718 and M718A1 jeeps are longer and higher than the base M151: 143 inches long vs 133 inches long and 76 1/4 inches high vs 71 inches high. The M718 family are also wider due to the side mounted spare tire and gasoline container.

The M-718 1/4 Ton Ambulance was superseded in the mid-1980s by the HMMWV ambulance.
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