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Default Levi Rubenstein - Agent,promoter and PR relations

Levi Rubenstein was anotorious name in Hollywood in its day .He was the one who had George Lucas hiring assassins in the row leading up to the release of the new Star wars films .He managed to get financing for the ill fated "Winter of Blossoms" that never got released despite a budget that ran to 56 million dollars .

Levi has a knack for persuading people and the will to try to sell snowcones in Hell.

He is supposedly always unarmed.Except for his mouth that is - it is rumoured that he once got held hostage in a "bad coke dealer gone amok at strung out Hollywood client "-situation in a mansion in Beverly Hills.The standoff lasted for 26 hours after wich time the hostages could walk out .Police reports show that the coke dealer and strung out client both died from self inflicted gunshot wounds to the head after several hours of conversation with one of the hostages - Mr.Rubenstein
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