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Originally Posted by dragoon500ly View Post
The National Guard activation would have been the round out brigades, scheduled for deployment within 30-45 days after activation. Then the NG Armored, mechanized and "selected" infantry divisions, to be ready for deployment within 60-90 days. The remaining infantry divisions were scheduled for deployment within 90-120 days.

The selected infantry divisions are quite a bit harder to pin down. I've got some six different sources, all listing different divisions. But my observation is that they were selecting units to reinforce Alaska and Hawaii (when their RA garrisons deployed), possible reinforcement for VII Corps in Germany and possible deployments to the Pacific.
I agree 100% with that course of action. Another source (from canon) that might shed some light on what the GDW folks were thinking are the MTOE listings in the US Army Vehicle Guide. I was reviewing those and I noticed that some NG Divisions were equipped with M1/Bradleys while others still deployed with the older M60A4/M113 vehicles. The reason I say canon is that I'm basing my observation on the unit that I'm very familiar with IRL, 35ID.
While I was in middle school when the V.1 Guide was published in 1986, my own experience later in life serving in the 35 ID HQ as well as with one of the subordinate maneuver units during a GWOT deployment was that the Santa Fe Division and the units that were subordinate to it in the T2k Universe were not fielded IRL with the M1/M2 until much later than 1986, the year that the V.1 Guide was published.

While the designers may have been looking ahead to projected Army fielding schedules, I'm more inclined to believe that the MTOE tables showing 35ID with the M1/M2 series were a "game universe" reflection of the fact that 35ID was one of the first NG formations to mobilize and deploy in the T2K universe. It stands to reason that the unit would have spent 1996 (or sooner) taking part in NET fielding, then perhaps utilizing extended AT time or several of the dreaded MUTA 6 (or worse, the demonic MUTA 12) drills leading up to potential pre-conflict Presidential Call-Ups that we've discussed above.

Conjecture on my part but it fits with the "Wartrace" model that Dragonfly has outlined which allocated certain NG formations to deploy to specific COCOMs in response to contingency operations, so I think it could serve helpful for those of us trying to reverse engineer the road to the Twilight War.
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