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From about 1989 this is what the Army was looking at (based on my research):

Under AOE we are looking at five Corps (three ‘Heavy’, III, V & VII with two ‘Light’ I & XVIII) to fight a “ two & a half war” contingency (Europe, NW Asia, and SW Asia, the half) I haven’t found anything on IX Corps yet other than its rear element in HI supervised RC units in the Pacific Rim and it’s Fwd in Japan functioned as USA Japan.

Each Hvy Corp, ideally, would consist of the following:
Two Arm Divs
Two Mech Divs
One Inf Div (now there were two AOE Configuratiions they were looking at for the five ARNG Inf Divs according to Romjue. Each version would have one each Arm, Mech, & AA Bdes but v.1 would have three of each Arm, Mech, & AA Bns along with a TLAT Bn. V.2 (the preferred one) would of had 4x Arm, 3x Mech, & 3x AA)
One ‘Rear Battle’ Inf Bde
One Arm Bde
One Mech Bde

49 & 50 ADs along with 35 ID seemed to RO the three Hvy Corps. Though 50 AD was having a rough time and so was the 42 ID as it had to recruit a 3rd Bde to replace 27 IB when it became 10th Mtn Div’s RO.

To be continued....
Now as for the ‘Rear Battle’ Inf Bdes.....
45 IB was slotted for III Corps
73 IB has a European Mission but still haven’t found out which Corps.
33 IB has a mission to support the Infantry School but it looks to be the only remaining Bde the could be allotted to the V or VII Corps.

As for the Arm/Mech Bdes, your guess is as good as mine about assignments.
Now we do have the following Bdes with a European Mission:
30 IB (M)
30 AB
31 AB
32 IB (M) (the whole Bde did a REFORGER but I have also read it was slated to support Alaska)
Now that leaves us two short unless we want to throw in the AC 194 AB & 197 IB (M). BTW if anyone has info on the USAR 157 IB (M) please share, I have found nothing in regards !

Getting back for a moment to the ARNG Inf looks like 26 ID was heading toward an AOE config especially after it picked up 86 Bde and it’s two VT Arm Bns. Likewise 42 ID was up to three Arm Bns by 1989. Now I have read that 47 ID would go to Alaska to releave 6 ID (if it went to ROK) while 38 ID would be Reserve for SOUTHCOM (along with 53 IB & 92 IB). 28 ID was apparently under command of I Corps from 1985-88 and then XVIII Corps from 1988.

To be continued.....
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