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Default Re-imagining Damocles

As I was off looking through some of the SCP materials for inspiration and entertainment, I came up with interesting twist for those using Damocles. This does give Damocles a slightly different feel that I think is usually attributed to it.

Basically, there is a Group of Interest (GOI) in the SCP universe called Anderson Robotics ( They are known for making remarkable androids and AIs. So this got me thinking, what if Damocles convinced a Morrow Project team to bring it an android body to transfer itself into to take more direct action in the world. Such a thing is not unthinkable. Damocles has interpreted instructions given to it in most unhelpful ways in canon. Why could it not create a situation where Damocles makes a convincing show that is needs repair components from Anderson Robotics? This could be the first step in a less benevolent Damocles. Just a thought that came to me.
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