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Originally Posted by .45cultist View Post
Going with the premise of a bacteria based infected, Genetics is from TNE:

Dr. Anthony Williams

Driving: 11
First Aid: 13
Genetics: 15
Observation: 12
Russian: 11
Small Arms/ Pistol:10

Pick one motivation package to fit your campaign:

6 Spades, 5 Hearts

3 Spades, 8 Diamonds

Ace Diamonds, 10 Clubs

Dr. Williams will own a 9MMP pistol he bought after receiving threats from radicals at work. He studied the use of phages to target specific bacteria resistant to eradication. Given a lab and time, determined by the GM, He will begin a trial of Phage and Vitamin C on infected.

The PC's securing the good doctor doesn't end the campaign, he needs a lab, specific materials and unharmed infected too!
Yeah this kind of NPC and plotline is very good. Generally in this kind of scenario such NPCs are like 'treasure' to a D&D character; they can accelerate the plotline and establish stuff worth fighting for. As you say this can lead to other adventures on a large or small scale.
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