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Has anyone ever seen

They have a Farm in a Box idea that I find really interesting and fascinating
That lead me to other ideas, what about a communications set up in a box, Doc in a box, fusion power/ nuclear power/ NDB in a box, etc. I feel like these would be well within the line of the MP, a shipping container packed with everything you need to set up and started quickly and efficiently. These containers can easily be pulled by a heavy truck or tractor and could be towed to a predetermined location or where ever needed. These could be packed at a factory location then moved in plain site to their final destination with hardly a glance. Then when the team is woke up, they pull it out and get to work. Also these could be stored at PB or a regional storage facility in numbers stacked and marked to be distributed when called upon.
Just got my brain juices flowing. Might do this for a future game.
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