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Talking Very much OT

Hello everybody!

The last few months were a nightmare with shutdowns and a worldwide pandemic. And I am sure, everyone of us can add a horrible story about what went wrong, personal or job-wise.

But I want to remind you all, that there are still good things going on.

I know, this is in a way unusual for this forum, but this board still means a lot to me. Therefore I wanted you all to know, Ladies (Well, if there are still some) and Gentlemen, that I married my fiance on this last saturday.
Here in our region there are still lots of limitations. Our wedding took place with only our marriage witnesses and my wifes older brother. In the register office everyone had to wear mouth and nose cover and keep the distance. Some kind of party/celebration has to be delayed up to next year.

To have a little fun with the wedding, we decided to marry in Steampunk-fashion. When I talked to my wife, she encouraged me to place a photo on this board. So, if I manage to upload this pic, enjoy.

By the way: The uniform tunic is not the one, I used to wear, when I served in the Bundeswehr. I'm old, but not that old.

To be honest - I really look forward to get rid of this "Magnum, P.I."-ish moustache. Looks very British colonial, but it scratches.
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