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Originally Posted by RandyT0001 View Post
Maybe the best solution is not to make the Free State larger but to weaken its power. Subtract the Thunderbolt airplanes, the M1 tanks and the V300s and make the army a garrison force that suppress slave revolts and the occasional raid. Drop the tech level from equal to MP to about 1950's tech.
This is certainly one solution, but if you go by canon (did I just say that?) The Free State was designed to be much larger, with access to resources and technologies beyond that of any other survivor group.

The two modules printed, describe just such a minimalized Free State. Clearly there is a disconnect.

The solution lies in the PD and the campaign he/she is running. If you prefer a smaller, weaker Free State then by all means have at it! I've played or ran many campaigns against just such a setup. But I am curious, if a larger Free State was planned, then what form, resources, numbers and even tech would it have?

I believe that in the past, we have overlooked the potential of a larger, aggressive and far more deadly Free State. Such a KFS would present more of a challenge to a player team if handled properly by a PD. Hence this thread, if no one objects, I'd like to pursue this question or at least post information that may prove useful to other PDs.I

Looking forward to the responses!
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