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Originally Posted by Ewan View Post
British Centurion, American M48 and French AMX13 in Berlin October 1962.
French Army in West Germany during the border crisis was the 1st Division, 3rd Division, and 13th Mechanized Brigade. The French government had also moved the 7th Light Armored Division and 11th Light Infantry Division to Europe and made them available to SAUCER as reserve units.

Front line units in Germany were pretty badly under strength on armor. According to a US Army report they had 43 AMX-SS-11s (AMX-13 with a rack of four SS-11 AT missiles officially called the AMX-13 T75 (Char Lance SS-11)), 50% of their TO&E, and only 45% of their table APCs (AMX-VTT and -VCI). The 1st Division was heavy armor and had some of the early AMX-30s plus M47s, plus plenty of AMX-13s to go around.
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