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At least in my timeline, the naval and ground troops of the Cuban invasion force were pretty much whipped out as an effective fighting force. Survivors have straggled back to south Florida but the Enterprise is an unsailable wreck. The Navy enclave at Key West has been using her reactor to power their facility. Independence is damaged but repairable, there's just no facilities to do it. Essex was sunk. Long Beach and Bainbridge are still around. Long Beach spent most of the war in the North Atlantic but is in Norfolk now. Bainbridge transited to the Pacific. They both serve as couriers/HQs for US Naval forces.

Other notes:
Indonesia had begun taking delivery of 12 Whiskey-class submarines in 1962, as well as two Russian sub tenders. Some sources state 1967, but most state that the sub tenders were turned over in the summer of 1962 with the submarines beginning delivery in January. One tender was a slightly older Project 233K and the other a newer Don-class (with some more actual pictures of the latter in service). Contemporary photos (possibly) show as many as eight subs may have been delivered by year end 1962.

The US Navy had assigned various diesel submarines, mostly unmodified Gato and Balao-class boats, to naval installations across the country as training facilities for the Naval Reserve. By the end of the decade most were permanently rendered unable to dive, in 1962 they were almost all ready for conversion to operational boats. Batteries were sometimes removed, or they were locked out of being able to dive. Here's a list I've compiled of stations and subs in 1962:
  • USS Batfish (AGSS-310), Naval Station Algiers, unmodified Balao-class
  • USS Billfish (SS-286), South Boston Annex, unmodified Balao-class
  • USS Bowfin (SS-287), Seattle, WA, unmodified Balao-class
  • USS Cabrilla (SS-288), Houston, TX, unmodified Balao-class
  • USS Cabezon (SS-334), Tacoma Reserve Center on Hylebos Waterway, unmodified Balao-class
  • USS Cero (SS-225), Detroit Naval Armory, unmodified Gato-class
  • USS Cobia (SS-245), Milwaukee Naval Reserve Center, unmodified Gato-class
  • USS Cod (SS-224), Cleveland, OH, unmodified Gato-class
  • USS Dentuda (SS-385), Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, unmodified Balao-class
  • USS Drum (SS-228), Washington Navy Yard, unmodified Gato-class
  • USS Guavina (AOSS-362), Fort McHenry, MD, Gato-class modified as a seaplane fuel tanker
  • USS Hake (SS-256) Philadelphia Navy Yard, unmodified Gato-class
  • USS Lionfish (SS-298), Marine Corps Reserve Pier, Providence, RI, unmodified Balao-class
  • USS Loggerhead (SS-374), Portland, OR, unmodified Balao-class
  • USS Manta (AGSS-299), Submarine Base New London, unmodified Balao-class
  • USS Parche (SS-384), Alameda, unmodified Balao-class
  • USS Roncodor (SS-301), Long Beach Naval Station, unmodified Balao-class
  • USS Sea Dog (SS-401), Derby Wharf, Salem, MA, unmodified Balao-class
  • USS Sealion (APSS-315), Portsmouth Navy Yard, Balao-class modified into UDT/Marine transport
  • USS Silversides (SS-236), Chicago Naval Armory, unmodified Salmon-class
  • USS Trepang (AGSS-412), Mare Island Navy Yard, unmodified Balao-class

Some of the units assigned to Reserve Submarines:
  • Reserve Submarine Division 3-23, Brooklyn Navy Yard
  • Reserve Submarine Division 3-55, Brooklyn Navy Yard
  • Reserve Submarine Division 4-37, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
  • Reserve Submarine Division 4-92, Cleveland, OH
  • Reserve Submarine Division 5-7, Fort McHenry, MD
  • Reserve Submarine Division 8-94, Dickson Gun Plant, Houston, TX
  • Reserve Submarine Division 8-95, Dickson Gun Plant, Houston, TX
  • Reserve Submarine Division 9-227, Milwaukee Naval Reserve Center
  • Reserve Submarine Division 12-9, Alameda Reserve Training Center

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