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USNR Units from 1961-1962, Aviation and called-up Selected Reserve ships

HS-741: NAS Jacksonville
HS-742: NAS Jacksonville
HS-743: NAS Jacksonville
HS-871: NAS Oakland HSS-1
HS-872: NAAS Ream Field HSS-1
HS-912: NAS South Weymouth
HU-731: NAS Grosse Ile HUP
HU-733: NAS Grosse Ile
HU-751: NAS Lakehurst HUP
HU-812: NAS Minneapolis HUP

VA-672: NAS Atlanta
VA-891: NAS Seattle

VF-725: NAS Glenview
VF-727: NAS Glenview
VF-791: NARTU Memphis
VF-873: NAS Alameda A4D

VP-672: NAS Atlanta
VP-741: NAS Jacksonville
VP-791: NARTU Memphis
VP-872: NAS Alameda
VP-873: NAS Oakland
VP-875: NAS Oakland P2V5F
VP-876: NAS Oakland P2V
VP-881: NAS Olathe
VP-911: NAS South Weymouth
VP-913: NAS South Weymouth

VR-742: NAS Jacksonville
VR-872: NAS Alameda

VS-741: NAS Jacksonville
VS-753: NAS Lakehurst
VS-873: NAS Alameda
VS-875: NAS Alameda S2F
VS-892: NAS Seattle S2F

Air Wing Staff 70: NAS Dallas
Air Wing Staff 72: NAS Glenview

DERs transferred to Selected Reserve September 1961
USS Haverfield (DER-393): Seattle, WA
USS Koiner (DER-331): San Francisco, CA
USS Wilhoite (DER-397): San Francisco, CA
USS Lansing (DER-388): Long Beach, CA
USS Forster (DER-334): Long Beach, CA

Haverfield, Lansing, and Forster will enter Group Two of the Reserve traing program; they will be manned by "nucleus crews" of Regular Navy men in addition to the local Reservists. These ships will be available to the Fleet with a minimum of delay. Wilhoite and Koiner will be placed in Group One, and will have larger crews of Regular Navy personnel; they will be ready for immediate recall.

Selected Reserve Units Called to Duty in October 1961
USS Miller (DD-535)
USS Parle (DE-708)*
USS Tills (DE-748)
USS Hood (DD-655)*
USS Remey (DD-688)* **
USS DeLong (DE-684)
USS Thaddeus Parker (DE-369)
USS Albert T. Harris (DE-447)
USS Coates (DE-685)
USS McNair (DD-679)
USS Kidd (DD-661)
USS J. Douglas Blackwood (DE-219)
USS Snowden (DE-246)
USS Bearss (DD-654)*
USS Roberts (DE-749)
USS Loeser (DE-680)
USS Robert F. Keller (DE-419)
USS Darby (DE-218)
USS Hunt (DD-674)*
USS Robinson (DD-562)
USS Greenwood (DE-679)**
USS Tweedy (DE-532)
USS Wren (DD-568)*
USS Huse (DE-145)*
USS Crow (DE-252)
USS Woodson (DE-359)
USS Daniel A. Joy (DE-585)
USS Tingey (DD-539)
USS Colahan (DD-658)
USS Marsh (DE-699)
USS Vammen (DE-644)
USS Wiseman (DE-667)
USS Laws (DD-558)
USS Walton (DE-361)
USS Edmonds (DE-406)
USS Alvin C. Cockrell (DE-366)
USS Watts (DD-567)
USS Whitehurst (DE-634)
USS Charles E. Brannon (DE-446)**
USS McGinty (DE-365)
USS Plover MSC(O)-33

VP-661 (P2V Neptune)
VP-741 (P2V Neptune)
VP-832 (P2V Neptune)
VP-872 (P2V Neptune)
VP-933 (P2V Neptune)

VS-721 (S2F Tracker)
VS-733 (S2F Tracker)
VS-751 (S2F Tracker)
VS-771 (S2F Tracker)
VS-772 (S2F Tracker)
VS-821 (S2F Tracker)
VS-837 (S2F Tracker)
VS-861 (S2F Tracker): NAS Norfolk
VS-872 (S2F Tracker)
VS-873 (S2F Tracker)
VS-891 (S2F Tracker)
VS-915 (S2F Tracker)
VS-935 (S2F Tracker)

*=Scheduled for repairs and overhaul, targeted to be ready by November 1st
**=Battle 'E' for 1961

Titles of USNR Shore Units 1961-1962
BuShips Company
Supply Company
Hospital Corps Division
Naval Weapons Training Unit
Surface Division (Large)
Surface Division (Medium)
Construction Battalion/SeaBee Division
Electronics Division
Naval Security Group Division
Submarine Division
Intelligence Division
Reserve Research Company
Public Relations Company
Ship Activation, Maintenance, and Repair Division
Harbor Defense Division

Units were numbered with District Number - Serial number of unit in that district, for example: Harbor Defense Division 5-1 was located in Norfolk, VA.
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