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Originally Posted by Legbreaker View Post
Possible, but I'm thinking that post nuke that will be the exception rather than the rule. How many of the guards, who shouldn't be forming anything more than a professional relationship with inmates, will stick around when supplies and their salary stops coming? May be a handful who do it purely out of a sense of duty, however given many of the prisoners in the higher security facilities (especially) have and continue to express great hostility to the staff, in some cases through physical attacks, any sense of duty would likely be to the job, not inmates.
That's a very valid question. I didn't mention it, but the scenario I presented assumed a prison still administered by a state- i.e. the guards are "paid" in some way by a government of some sorts. Maybe it's just food and fuel, but in a world where such things are no longer a given, it would probably be enough to keep showing up to work.

I agree that once pay stops, the guards are gonso. I can imagine a situation where a local community might take control of administering a prison rather than allowing the release of its inmates into said community, but this would be a very rare exception.
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