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Originally Posted by CDAT View Post
I am not sure how the prisons around you are built...
All the prisons I know (and a number of other industrial facilities also) are built so that the passive measures will absolutely stand up to just about anything prisoners can throw at it. Sure, over a long period of time they may be able to dig their way out with a spoon, but that isn't going to happen without starving to death first.
Some prisons do have various tools and machinery which could help, but that's all locked away out of reach when not actually in use and heavily supervised - might as well all be on the moon for all the good they will do.
Anything above low security facilities are all steel and reinforced concrete with no available areas to grow more than the odd weed in the cracks. Low security (usually prison farms in my experience) are a different matter, but only prisoners who present the absolute minimum of risk get sent there and in a T2K situation have probably already been drafted or used as additional manpower elsewhere. The prison itself might end up used as a POW camp with a little bit of an upgrade, and later as a secure base for a military unit, or even local civilians looking for some sort of a solid fence to help keep marauders at bay.
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