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Thanks for sharing your experience, CDAT. You raise and reinforce some important points.

To answer your question re ersatz battering rams, in some prisons, ones with indoor common areas, I've seen metal table-bench combos bolted to the floor (the seniors at the high school I work at once detached and stacked many such tables in the commons as their graduation prank). Once detached, pieces of such could be used as battering rams to attack doors and/or walls. I agree that defeating reinforced steel doors and or concrete walls would take quite a lot of time, but that is something inmates have tons of.

What's stopping prisoners from doing this now is guard supervision. That's the key, IMHO. Without active supervision, prisoners would be free to try anything within their means to get out of prison buildings. This is why, if/when the guards go home (in a SHTF scenario), it would only be a matter of time before inmates would be busting out.

So, the idea that a community near a prison (and with hundreds of prisons in the U.S., there are many such communities) taking it upon themselves to police the local prison, rather than simply turning a blind eye or executing all of the inmates, isn't really far-fetched.

Again, I agree that at a few prisons, guards might take it upon themselves not to leave any inmates alive when they leave, but I think that would be the exception rather than the rule.
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