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Originally Posted by swaghauler View Post
I have to agree with CDAT and Rockwolf66, The prisoners don't exist in a vacuum and some prisoners may actually have good relations with the staff (these are usually referred to as "trustees"). I think that the worst offenders would be marched in front of the other Prisoners and executed by any occupying force (particularly a military one). WHY? Because that prison or jail is a VALUABLE RESOURCE! Every correctional facility generally has...

1) A large dining facility which can feed hundreds on short notice.
2) An independent power supply (diesel or natural gas based) to keep things running during an emergency.
3) Communications with the local government that are at least "disaster-resistant" and the ability to coordinate with government agencies.
4) Workshops and Fabrication facilities for a variety of Trades including Carpentry and Metalworking.
5) An Infirmary with the capability to treat at least minor injuries.
6) Security and Surveillance for important equipment storage.
7) Most importantly, a ready "labor force" that they don't have to pay and can push hard without major repercussions among the population.

I think that most facilities will be converted into makeshift production facilities or repair shops with important resources stored there and managed by the "captive labor force" they have at their fingertips.

Just butting in to fully agree with this. This is a very likely outcome.

Even if the prisoners get reduced due to emergency drafts or forced labour, the facility stands and should work as an excellent center for a cantonment.
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