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Originally Posted by 3catcircus View Post
The Special Ops life paths are too difficult to qualify for - in real life, there are plenty of soldiers wearing Ranger tabs, but the prereqs make it look like your character needs to be an olympic athlete with genius level IQ.

In a way, it's sort of realistic, in a way it's not. In my Airborne class, we lost over 30%. In Ranger School, we lost close to 50%. Even in Infantry OSUT, we started out with 250 recruits and graduated 197 Infantrymen.

I've never tried it, but loss rate for Delta and DEVGRU candidates is around 90%.

The Commander of the WWII OSS (which spawned both the CIA and SF), COL Bill Donovan, once said, "I'm looking for a Princeton graduate who can win a bar fight -- and not get caught afterwards."
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Entirely too much T2K stuff here:

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