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Originally Posted by Tegyrius View Post
I didn't develop the ballistic formula - as noted above, Justin Stodola built it for us. I'm not that much of a mathematician.

For the other traits, try this. Note that I haven't looked at this document in 13 or 14 years, so my ability to answer questions like "what the hell were you thinking" is kind of limited. I've eaten and slept since then, so my memory is somewhat faded.

I coded the JavaScript calculator around the same time, so, again, my memory of how the math works is not very fresh either...

- C.
Justin deserves a ton of credit for developing the ballistics calculations - lots of under-the-hood math going on to go from masses and velocities and convert real-world energy values into dimensionless game mechanics.

Your coding of the javascript tool to implement that equation deserves an equal amount of credit - makes it extremely easy to plug in information and get an output quickly for the math-disabled.
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