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Hi everyone! I've been looking around at TW2K stuff lately, haven't looked at it in quite a while. I really like this site, some good info here.

About me:

Navy Veteran('85 to '91), Electronics Tech, ET2;
Great Lakes Naval Training Center
San Diego

Started playing Wargames with Squad Leader in the mid-70's, actually I consider my first "RolePlayiing Experience" to be when we used the "Create Your Own Leader" optional rules. First played TW2K in 1985 and fell in love with it. I GM'ed it for several years. Owned most of the modules. GM'ed TW2K v2.0 and 2.2 and never was really happy about that system. I prefer the character generation of v1.0.

Favorite Module is probably Krakow but really liked the other Polish adventures and Armies of the Night.

Pet Peeve of the RPG Line: Satellite Down. I could(and have) go off on a whole rant of all the problems with that one. Other more minor Pet Peeves is other apparent lack of research on the US Navy info in the game.

Anyway, very cool site here. I really like a lot of the info and posts here.
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