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Hello the internets!

I've been a T2k fan ever since I joined an abortive PBEM as a teenager. Got my brother and friends into the game, despite only having the timeline and CG. Ah, the folly of youth! >.>

Haven't... actually played in a successful campaign, in fact. I once coded T2k 2.2 CG in TinyMUX, only to have the database assplode on me. Ah, the folly of unemployed youth! <.<

I've played a bunch of online RPGs (MU* format, kind of chat+code), and managed to get a group of friends from there interested in 2013. Kevin and the gents did a fine job of making the book itself appeal more to the less-militaristic sorts. Since only one of them is anywhere near Austin, we're having to do it online--I think I've found a great format, actually, but that's for another post.

So I'm here for the best-practices, the ideas and plot hooks, some brainstorming... and of course to write long-winded posts. :P

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