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Originally Posted by shrike6 View Post
I feel the Army HQs would be much further away from the main action than Corps HQs would be. Armies are more of a Regional thing while Corps are fluid. This is my feelings on this.

5th US Army - Fort Chaffee, AR
- 90th US Corps -Fort Sill, OK
- 122nd US Corps - Minden, LA

6th US Army -McClellan AFB or Presidio
-63rd Corps -Fort Hunter Liggett
-89th Corps - Fresno, CA

9th US Army -Fort Lewis, Wa or Fort Wainwright, AK
- 8th US Corps -Fort Lawton or Bellingham, WA
- 10th US Corps - Fort Wainwright

I started addressing some of this in my own personal orbat. The orbat is a work in progress although I havent updated it in a couple of years. The timeline is modified and doesnt take into account the newer sourcebooks. My feelings were corps formed later in the timeline would have less and less support units. For example V Corps aviation brigade had 2 aviation groups with 3-4 battalions a piece. While LXIII Corps is lucky to have a Corps Aviation Battalion imo.
Thank you for posting this, I wasn't aware of your own orbat, so I'll take a look.

At a glance, you seem to have a very different vision for how the Howling Wilderness/Pacific Northwest sourcebooks suggest.
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