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Default Introducing


my Name is Sascha and I served in the Bundesluftwaffe from 05.04.1988 till 30.06.1989.

My unit was the 2nd squadron of the FKG 2 (I was in the signal department).

I wanted to become an officer therefore I was not drafted like my classmates in 1987.
As I wanted not to just sit around I enrolled in an education course and one day I stumbled upon what had been the first RPG shop in Mönchengladbach.

Now, many years later I cannot recall which RPG I bought first, either The Dark Eye (a german RPG) or Twilight 2000.

And in 2012 I believe I was finally able to buy the last missing book from Twilight 2000, the Eastern European Sourcebook.

And I know nobody will believe it, but in 1988 I went to the XO of my Signal department (the commander of the signal unit was a Hauptfeldwebel and his XO a Oberfeldwebel) and showed him my copy of Twilight 2000 and asked him if it could not be used as a training tool.

Even though I once made up a few characters for T2k I have to admit that I never played it.

I like to play simple games like Space Hulk, Risk, Interceptor, Battletech, Car Wars, Battle for Armageddon, Space 1889 Skygalleons of Mars.

In RPGs I like Vampire, Werewolf, The Dark Eye and some of the games from Palladium.

I like some games where miniatures are used (Battletech, Warmachine, Space Hulk, Necromunda) but I hate glue and painting (so if anybody of you has any ideas of how to make simple but effective paper miniatures I would be glad to hear your ideas).

As I have nobody close who would like to play those games I like very much single player games. I enjoyed the single player endless campaign in Skygalleons of Mars and I am looking for something like this in regard to Twilight 2000 / Merc.
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