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Default German Guy Enjoying Poland

German born (Native Hesse) moved to the US while teenager....and served with the USAF for 20+ years afterwards in healthcare service & education service.

I work with the Justice Department now for last 10 years and have been assigned to the US Embassy in Warsaw Poland for last 7 years under Diplomatic Corps.

I am due to rotate to a new assignment in the Fall 2017 and still waiting to see my new order destination - I am hoping for another overseas assignment but may very well return stateside.

As for gaming...been doing that since the early 80s....D&D, Traveler, Gamma World, T2K, etc. and eventually into PC gaming.

Have been involved in Gaming Conventions in Colorado (during the 80s as well) with my gaming group back in the day when I was still stationed there at Peterson AFB, and working at USAF Academy, Cheyenne Mtn AFS and Falcon AFS.

Have mostly gone to online stuff since it becomes more difficult to find groups in foreign countries....and my Polish still sucks :P
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