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I recall seeing a documentary many years ago about certain central African societies where in some rural villages, blacksmithing was still regarded as something mystical and magical.
The tribesman trained to be a blacksmith was regarded with both awe and fear as it was believed by the villagers that the blacksmith had magical powers. He enjoyed a certain status and was accorded a lot of respect and was even given gifts by the villagers but he was expected to live apart from the village in case any of his "magic" caused problems for the villagers.

I don't necessarily think in the post-apocalypse that this same situation would develop (I mean, it could but I don't think it's that likely) but I think that people with those types of skills (skills that help the entire community) would be highly regarded in rural societies.
Blacksmiths, tinkers, shoemakers, I think all of these skills would have a certain status to them and be highly regarded in those remote communities where mass production could not be achieved.
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