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Originally Posted by Ash247 View Post
Fertilizer if stored properly (dry, cool) has a very long self life, 30 or 40 years at least.

The fertilizer in Beirut was stored in a warehouse lose which allow it to absord moisture over six years, and next to explosives and a large store of fireworks. Workers using welding tools started a fire which ignited the fireworks which in turn spread to the fertilizer setting it off.

The beirut example is a good example of how not to store fertilzer.
That all sounds reasonable but we are talking (1st edition) of 150 years later. Also if caught in a cave in I think cool and dry can go out the window in a hurry. I can see some of a load not being affected.

I know you guys are looking to make scenario ideas, this is just my anal "but reality says!" self popping up. I am also the guy who keeps stating "where is the rubber coming from" every time someone says 150 years in a leaky warehouse tires will be fine or easily produced. Or when the KFS is said to be manufacturing brand new Abrams tanks I keep asking where the rare earths needed will come from. Bad me.
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