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Default Saw a post about odd Project settings.

There was a post, New Twists and turns, that described alternate settings for the game, such as alien invasion, zombies, etc.

In a similar vein, what games have you played where the Project existed, but the game wasn't actually -about- the Project?

The one I did was Cyberpunk 2020. Morrow Industries, and the Project, existed at one point. Bruce's mucking about with the time line is why the technology in the setting is so much more advanced than in reality. Sadly, Bruce doesn't survive.

When the public finds out that he had Universal Antibody in the 1980s, at the height of the AIDS crisis, they storm Morrow offices nationwide. Bruce, finally realizing that the war is never coming, and that all his actions had done more harm than good, doesn't even struggle when they string him up from the lamp post outside his building.

All evidence of the Project is destroyed by loyalists. Investigations into Morrow Industries conclude that Bruce was a fraud and a grifter, who stole much of the money that the Counsel of Tomorrow had funneled into his coffers, The rest was spent on R&D for various projects such as fusion power, cryogenic suspension, weaponized lasers, and nanotech.

Occasionally, there will be news of some kind of hidden bunker or storage cache being discovered during construction, or after a natural disaster. Invariably, they are full of weapons and explosives, making them incredibly hazardous.

Worse still are the manned bunkers, with people in cryo-sleep. They seem insane, ranting about nuclear war. Heavily armed, they are considered extremely dangerous. Authories urge anyone who thinks they may have found such a facility to report it ASAP, and never to try to breach the seals.

So far, no one has connected Morrow Industries to these bunkers/caches. At least not publicly. Of course, we all know that the feds know.
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