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I did a mixed Morrow Project/Dark Conspiracy campaign once.
In this case, a world war did not occur in the way that we would expect, but a global war did occur after the public in several nations discovered the threat of the Dark Ones (from the Dark Conspiracy setting) and demanded action.
What had initially been covert action against hidden invaders turned into full-scale overt action and the planet got trashed.

Bruce foresaw all that and so the Project went ahead but with the idea that Project members would sleep for about 10-12 years. Naturally things go wrong with that and the PCs woke up about 120 years later.
Unfortunately the person that seemed best suited to play the psychic (Empath in Dark Conspiracy) ended up going a bit stupid with the character and effectively screwed up the teams chances to survive when he declared their main cache inhabited by spectres or some other ghostly nasty (something he pretty much created himself without any direction from me as GM).
His silliness killed the campaign before it got in high gear.
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