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That idea has been kicking around in my game since the '90s. It also ties in to Damocles. See, Damocles can hear the A.S.S. sending out those signals. An d it doesn't take long for him to figure out, from awakened teams trying to contact Prime, how the seemingly-random activation codes are actually meaningful.

Each code contains a unit designation, and also, a bolthole location. Using the location and designation of the team that finds him, he reverse-engineers their wakeup code. When he sends it, their bolthole computer, re-powered by some of his units, reacts. Success! He now has a basic understanding of how Project Wake-Up signals work.

Using information from the AutoNav, he plots the grid the Project uses to identify sites, and constructs codes for every section of that grid. Of course, more than 90% of these locations hold no teams, but that doesn't matter. If he can get hooked up to a decent transmitter, he can just spam codes until he gets hits, same as the A.S.S., but smarter.

Then he realizes... There's hostile movement heading in his general direction. Radio chatter indicates that the "Krell," a group he's heard of in the past, are heading east, killing and pillaging along the way. Well, better not wake any teams up in their path, huh? Oh, but there's that intact warhead in Wisconsin... He should probably keep that away from the Krell.

So, using his new technique, he starts spamming areas near enough to the nuke site, but outside of the Krell's advance area. And so you get the plot to Operation: Lucifer.
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