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Originally Posted by mpipes View Post
Although I most definitely am in the negative camp, I DO WANT to hear from someones that have tried it out. Having someone that has actually tried some play time to chime in would be helpful. We all know that play testers are here on the Forum, so PLEASE SHARE.
So, I'm not a playtester, nor do I have any affiliation with FL (I work for the US Government full time as an "International Trade Specialist" (really, that's my title), so any side gigs with companies in other countries would be a BIG no-no

I've also had my complaints with FL's house rules, which I have expressed publicly. Reading their response, it is clear to me, at least, that they read my complaint and drafted a reasonable, thoughtful response. Admittedly, their response was, we're not going to change anything because of your criticism... In the end, they are the ones who put up the dollars / Swedish Kroner to buy the IP from Marc...

All of that said, I have generated close to 20 characters, using both Alpha systems (mostly Archtypes to save time, but I generated a few characters with the Alpha lifepath rules - I haven't had the free time to generate ANY characters with the Beta rules yet). I was pleasantly surprised with how the characters have turned out.

I have also solo'd four days (16 'shifts') of gameplay using the Alpha rules, with just a few 'house' rules, and have also been pleasantly surprised with how things have turned out so far. Unfortunately, I am a homeowner in the suburbs, so with warmer weather, more of my time will be occupied / wasted doing yardwork/housekeeping to keep the city off my back, so I'm not sure how much "free" time i will be able to devote to T2K in the short term...
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