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Originally Posted by .45cultist View Post
Well, this spring had me in a family health crisis, Dad had a cancer induced stroke, Mom had a heart attack while I was away tending to Dad's business. I have been fooling around with another PA game: FGU's Aftermath!. One campaign world I did was "Blackout!" an exaggerated future world where EMP blasts cripple electronics and only a few remember the older ways. Part of that inspiration was complaints about the younger ones dependence on their smart phones, armor not knowing the early way to bore site and GPS vs. map and compass. Young soldiers were amazed you could pinpoint your location with a military protractor!
Reminds me of the TV show Revolution, where no electricity exists anymore...

I'm surprised people now even know what a standalone calculator is, let alone a slide rule or theodolite...

When I was in college, all of the civil engineers focusing on surveying were all about the calculator... As were all of us studying engineering regardless of which concentration. My kingdom for a worthy HP48GX successor!
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