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Default combat of any time and place

Just an Old man wondering but I was told that very few of those In the US of A have been in a serious physical confrontation. This would include unarmed, armed but non-firearm and firearm involved situations.
Me, I started young, raised in a stereotypical Irish household and fought my way through school and most of my life since has had mild to serious encounters, of course my choice of professions had a might ta do with the life style but my wife says that I am the exception rather than the rule.
I have had moderate success in avoiding serious injury but have been wounded and hospitalized on a few occasions. Well maybe a tad more than a few, laugh. Let me see blown up, shot, stabbed , cut and sliced, beat up and kicked when I was down, hmmm maybe a lot more than a tad. Well, let us see who else.
Oh if you’re outside the US and A Let me know but answer any how and thanks.
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