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grew up in a town where fist fights were a daily occurence in my school and in the multiple bars in town - and also went to college in a city that had very high unemployment and really resented it when the college guys dated the local girls because they had money

Multiple hand to hand fights with fists from elementary school thru college including participating in three all out bar fights in college, during one of which I had to take down a very pissed off gentleman who armed himself with a broken bottle and came at me

one fight with a bum who pulled a knife on me when he objected to me gathering bottles and cans (I wasnt one of those who was rich at my college )for money on "his spot" in my senior year of college

in both cases I managed to disarm them (had several family members in the military who had shown me several ways to disarm someone with a knife)

and had one experience with firearms facing three large gentlemen who were in the process of sabotaging my brother's truck during a dispute with the Teamsters - during which time I blew out one of the tires on their car to show them I meant it when I said get down on the ground - and after my brother searched them we found out they all were packing various pistols
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