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Default It counts big time

" I didn't include weapons but I did get stabbed by my stepfather a couple of times. Also got pretty badly mistreated by a former family friend one afternoon too. Child abuse probably doesn't really count though."
My old man was an Irish truck driver and an abusive drunk, his favorite thing was to cuff us to our bunk bed and whip us with a belt until we were bloody welts. Yeah man it counts!
I started Kenpo then Aikido at twelve, he left me alone when I got to fifteen and put him in the hospital, my Mom took me to the pawn shop and bought me a Browning 9mm got him home and told him.
What counts is being eye to eye with someone that wants you dead our really hurt.
It makes a change in you that you can mark down on a calendar and say
“that is when I knew what fear is” and can now look back and say “ I made it!”
Thanks to all for posting and voting
Tis better to do than to do not.
Tis better to act than react.
Tis better to have a battery of 105's than not.
Tis better to see them afor they see you.
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