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In the interests of full disclosure, I am the poor benighted soul who has introduced nukes into the discussion of the naval war. The story goes something like this.

It was the first meeting of the DC working group some almost four years ago...has it been that long? We met in Union Station over Chico and Law's lunch hour at Uno's in Union Square (I was relocating here from NYC and was not working at the time).

So, we got to talking about the Naval war, and it was as Law put it "How the f$%k are we going to kill so many US carriers with the Soviet Navy dead?"

Well, the ideas came fast and furious, except from idea was coming unbidden in my head. A dark none of mine aren't? And then I said it..."How about nukes?" Law grinned...Chico smiled too...and I knew then...I was with like minded souls as dark as mine. Chico then reminded us...hey NATO always supposedly subscribed to the idea that nukes at sea were not as escalatory as nukes on land. So, we ran with it, and I put up my notes here on the boards...and the rest is, how you say...history?
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