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Originally Posted by ChalkLine View Post
I used to post quite often on and I've been mildly amused that younger role players seem to feel the need for all sorts of rules and regulations for RPing where us older lumps would just 'act in character' and the GM would adjudicate it.
Then again in older games it was traditional that everyone was very enthused with the rules and usually have a good knowledge of them so GMing was kind of a group thing
Oh yes indeed! It frustrates me these days where many of the new players I talk to have no desire to read and understand the rules yet moan that without a total write-up of their character archetype, they don't know what their 'role' is or how to "properly play" their PC.
And unfortunately, too many of them have been influenced by MMOs (which, while having the level up experience system seen in many RPGs, actually have precious few real RPG elements). This makes them think every RPG character has to be built around the MMO trinity of 'healer', 'DPS' i.e. the damage dealer and the 'tank' i.e. the damage taker (which is so totally mislabelled as to give people a completely stupid view of what actual tanks actually do).
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