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Yeah they definitely want paved roads in some of those places, but in many areas they have to do without. During the wet season there's often a lot of flooding that makes the roads unpassable regardless of being sealed or not.
In some places in the far north it's not uncommon to see roads closed due to the wet seasons.
The Western Australian, Northern Territory and Queensland governments regularly post info on road hazards and what roads are okay to use because of this.
Haha, I call them roads when in fact they're dirt or gravel tracks.
We have just over half a million kilometres out of 900,000 km that are unpaved. However the government has been trying to convert the most important rural/outback unpaved roads to paved for the last few decades.

Having said all that, the quickest way to get communities back in touch with each other is via trade and for trade in Australian, you need roads. So yes I can see your point. Having the Project re-establishing roads is probably the quickest way to get that trade back in operation.
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