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Default Our-Very-Complicated-MP-Campaign

Hey folks. Just registered. Like the forum!

A friend from way back started a MP game almost 2 yrs ago...we hadn't played for some 20+ Years! Anyway, his games have always been great & I was looking forward to gaming again after such a long hiatus.

The last time we played, he wrote up a game that was a combination of MP & Aftermath. It was a lot of fun!
As usual, his game has turned out to be Fantastic!
There are 6 of us that have put together a MARS Team. Brad, our Project Director & Grand Poobah Brad started us out as a newly-formed MARS Team in a Pre-War setting, where we did 3 missions. This allowed us to get some experience, get used to each other as players, & create our own MARS Team 'vibe'.

This time around, I decided to shake things up a bit & so I decided to make a female character. Her name is Sgt. Lyudmila “Mila” Mikahilovna Pavlichenko.
For those of you who aren't familiar with WWII history, I based my character on the real-life Lyudmila “Mila” Mikahilovna Pavlichenko.

She was the famed WWII Russian Red Army sniper who had 309 confirmed kills on the Eastern Front, including 36 Wehrmacht “ScharfSchuetzen” ["Sharpshooters"] Snipers. "Mila" took the kill log off of one of the German snipers she killed: He had taken the lives of over 500 Soviet soldiers. She was one deadly sniper, & did all this with a very basic Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle...& I believe she racked up that staggering # of kills using only a 4x scope!

Anyway...I made my character her Granddaughter...She's a very interesting character, I must say!
I'll give you a brief description & also a link to my friend's Morrow Project web page so you can read all about our Pre-&-Post-Holocaust exploits!

At the very end of our last Pre-War mission, we were *almost* successful, but unfortunately, almost don't count....our helicopter was inbound to extract us, then we heard the sound of the cruise missiles coming in, saw a bright flash, then darkness...

...then we woke up in cryo-tubes. We realized we'd been 'popcicled', & also realized that we'd been major-league damaged in the explosion.
We all had been surgically repaired, & all had new 'parts'; cybernetic implants that is!
Being the Sniper, Brad decided that I had 1/2 my face & head blown off, so I ended up with a 'Terminator'-esque face, complete with the glowing red cybernetic eye. It's got cool powers: telescopic, Infra-Red, laser range finder & target reticule. Of course, all our bionics run on some kind of battery, & of course, we don't have a recharger.

I hope you can take a look at the web page, read our Team History, forum posts & our bios. I did the artwork! It's a great read & we're having a lot of fun to boot! Unfortunately, we can only get together about once a month to play [bummer]. Here's the web page info:

The posts run from newest to oldest..the most current one is "The Shaft".

Thanks for the Forum! Looking forward to post new stuff & read all the posts!
"Mila" the Compassionate Sniper
“. . . because without beer, things do not seem to go as well.”
—Brother Epp, Kansas, 1902
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