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Default Tanks for the Memories

The scariest thing about this is the loss of manufacturing capability and the brain trust of the designers. Let us remember that after World War I, the British thought that the tank had seen its day and the antitank gun was going to put the tank on the shelf. It took until the mid-1940s and the Centurion tank for them to get the equation back into equilibrium, as the thinking in the design department was firmly cemented in the last war.
While wheeled alternatives seem to be the way forward, the lack of survivabilty and mobility will fast be shown in the next conventional or unconventional conflict. Antitank helicopters, missiles and rockets do offer a persistent threat that cannot be disregarded, however, they are more defensive in nature.
I foresee a future where the light to medium tank will have a place at the table, with active protection systems and graduated levels of protection dictated by the threat level. To lose the main battle tank would be a defeat without a shot being fired.
After all, the best way to fight a tank is with another tank!
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